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Our Family

When EcoGuard Pest Control was founded in 2011, times were hard as Arizona was in the midst of a great recession. Our vision to offer a unique and one of a kind pest control company that could actually kill scorpions was tested and built in a difficult time where the temptation existed to dilute or use inferior products just like our competitors.

This is why we invest so much back into making sure we’re using the best pest treatment products on the market, giving the best service in the pest control service industry, and ensuring each and every customer knows they are more than a number, they are our part of Our EcoGuard Family.

Our main ingredient is passion. We love what we do and strive to be the best – because we care about our customers.

When we started this business, we knew we wanted to do it right. In this industry there are so many opportunities to cut corners. We knew if we were going proudly say we could guarantee that you won’t see scorpions, we needed to be the best. This included adoption of new and innovative pest control products and application methods. This also meant initially, an increase in overhead and decrease in profits, but overtime, as word has spread we are so glad we did it the right way. Through the tremendous growth of our local business, we’ve been able to remain true to the small business feel, by hiring the best technicians, who have joined the EcoGuard team with a desire to go the extra mile to keep your family safe, and give you tips on how to best protect your home.

When you call, you’ll be able to speak to someone right away. We’ve ensured that each time you contact us, you are speaking directly with Owner & Founder Mike Lee, or a member of the team that has the industry knowledge and field experience to address your questions and give the best advice. We also encourage you to always provide us with feedback so we can better your experience with EcoGuard. We have been blown away by the response and referrals, and are constantly looking for ways to make our systems and processes more efficient, creating a more seamless customer service experience.

Each of us here has a family; we have pets, kids, neighbors, and friends that come and visit. As much as we want a safe home, we want that even more for you.

We understand the anxieties that come with being a parent and wanting to keep your family safe. This is why we’ve implemented safety strategies, and a field trainer to continuously ensure our team is up to date on their safety inspections and continuing education courses.

We only improve by constantly educating ourselves on the ever changing pest control landscape and market. Technology is our best friend when it comes to guaranteeing our service. We only use the best because that’s going to be the difference between not seeing any pests, and spotting a potential threat. We have spent years perfecting our pest control solutions so we can guarantee our work, and will continue to do so.

By doing the right thing for the customer, we’ve been able to stay true to our guarantee, and that is truly something to be proud of!

As your personal mission is to keep your family safe at every turn, our mission will continue to be keeping your family safe from harmful pests and rodents. We look forward to earning your business and referrals, and welcome you to our EcoGuard Family. Contact us to get started.