Preference Plan

A once a year pest control plan for residential and commercial owners. We schedule an initial service to treat the entire property, inside and outside.

Things to Know About the Preference Plan

Our Preference Plan is a great option for vacation homes or properties with minimal pest activity. While on our Preference Plan:

  • Scheduling Re-treatments

    Please call us to schedule re-treatments for bugs that are alive and inside your home.

  • Fast Response & Scheduling

    You can call us for three additional re-treatments and we will arrive within 48 hours!

* General pests does not include, and is not limited to, scorpions, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, bees and rodents. We do offer pest control solutions for these pests separate from our Preference Plan.

How does it work?

The initial service will include the following:

  • Complete Inspection

    A complete inspection of the interior and exterior of the property.

  • Full Service Treatment

    Full service and treatment methods to cover general pests* inside and outside of the property.

  • 1 Year Warranty

    There is a 1 year warranty from the initial service to cover bugs that are alive on the inside of your home.

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